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Oral Implants

Dental Implants Coeur D'AleneDental Implants can significantly improve your quality of life. Implant reconstruction often may be an unplanned event after an injury, tooth fracture or failed root canal. Many patients have had the ongoing difficulty and discomfort of poor fitting or unattractive dentures, severe bone loss, facial wrinkles and sunken lips. Whatever your circumstances, implant reconstruction and other esthetic treatments can offer you a solution to restore your confidence with natural function and beauty.

An implant is a small titanium “tooth root” that is inserted into the jaw to replace a missing tooth. Over several weeks, the implant becomes integrated with the bone. Once healing is complete, usually within 3-4 months, the implant provides a solid foundation for a dental crown, restored by your dentist. In some cases, a provisional (non-functional) temporary tooth can be placed at the same visit as the implant insertion. Our goal is for you to have teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth. Eat and smile with confidence again, knowing your teeth look natural and that support for your lips and chin will be restored and maintained.

Dental Implants Coeur D'AleneDr. Cullum is a leader in the dental implant field and had developed a number of minimally invasive and innovative techniques to provide you with a highly individualized treatment. Our office utilizes the state-of-the-art imaging for diagnosis and planning, leading surgical techniques, implant technology and protocols to shorten treatment time and provide you with the most comfortable and optimum outcomes.

  • Accelerated Treatment Options: Dr. Cullum offers “single stage” protocols for immediate and incision-free implant placement. These are very predictable, less costly and can produce implant restorations that are indiscernible from natural teeth.
  • Advanced Implant Systems: We offer the most advanced implant systems for placement of the optimal size, shape and surface for the specific needs of the site. Dr. Cullum has consulted with multiple implant companies to provide his patients with the best implants for their individual needs.
  • Drill-less Site Development: We often utilize drill-less site development with bone expanders to improve bone quality, compacting it to be denser at the implant site. This can produce quicker healing and a stronger site for your implant.
  • Pre-Emptive Analgesia: We incorporate the latest advances in pain prevention, using medications before and during your procedure to prevent pain and inflammation. This is preferable to waiting for the pain to start and then giving medicine to cover it up. Pre-emptive analgesia significantly limits discomfort and minimizes the need for medications during the healing period.
  • IV Anesthesia: Intra-venous anesthesia is available for your optimum comfort. We use medicines specifically adjusted to your needs and let you direct the level of sleepiness you desire. Most patients have little to no recollections of their treatment and report their experience as very pleasant.
  • “Incision-less” and Minimal Incision Surgery: Limited exposure treatments have proven to be a great advantage for esthetic treatment with preventative scarring and preservation of natural bone and gum contours. Healing is much less involved and faster. This requires special instrumentation and careful technique – which Dr. Cullum has mastered.
  • Protective Wound Dressing: Whenever helpful, we place a special soft plastic cover over the wound site. This protects the area so you can resume a more normal diet quickly and eliminates the worry of injuring the area during healing.
  • Growth Factor Enhancement: Dr. Cullum will discuss with you the benefits of innovative growth factor enhanced healing. We utilize recombinant PDGF and BMP. Growth factors have significant advantages for treatments of advanced or complex defects.
  • Laser Treatment: We have lasers to optimize bone and soft tissue management, typically with reduced discomfort and scaring compared to traditional approaches.