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Aesthetic Surgery

Cheek & Chin augmentation | Chin & Lip Repositioning | Face, Neck Lift & Liposuction

We complete a select group of Laser and Facial Surgery procedures in our Office Anesthesia Facility. These have proven effective for rejuvenation with minimal expense and potential for complications. We manage aging cosmetic deformities often associated with severe alveolar and skeletal bone loss from longstanding denture wear, trauma, and osteoporosis, such as loss of lip support, wrinkles, “witch’s chin” and “gobbler” neck.

These may be treated alone or in conjunction with Transmandibular Implant reconstruction of the lower jaw. It is true that “beauty is more than skin deep;” form and function of the underlying structures can be overlooked.

We will complete careful evaluation to advise you if jaw or facial bone reconstruction with chin or cheek augmentation is right for you. Dr. Cullum has advanced training in cosmetic laser procedures for; eyelid and skin rejuvenation; facial/neck rejuvenation with lifting, liposuction, lipo-sculpting and fat transfer techniques. We offer a comprehensive skin care program as an adjunct to minimally invasive treatment for youthful results.

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Cheek and Chin Augmentation
Subtle changes in chin or cheek projection or position can show dramatic results. The underlying bones can be repositioned or enlarged with an implant to improve contour and drape of the facial skin. Dr. Cullum will develop your treatment to solve the underlying bony problem, which may involve special imaging of the facial bones and orthodontic evaluation.

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Chin and Lip Repositioning
In patients with severe bone loss in the lower jaw, the muscles to the lower lip and chin lose their normal attachments to the bone. They become so loose, that the lower lip falls into the mouth. If the patient can wear a denture, it is used mainly to try to keep the lower lip in position. This results in speech difficulties minimal Vermillion display (red esthetic portion) and chin ptosis (witch’s chin). This can be repaired by repositioning and tightening of the muscles and skin in conjunction with a lift, or TMI reconstruction of the lower jaw. Patients are very excited with the functional and cosmetic results. In some patients, function was so compromised that they were unable to “pucker” or whistle for years. After reconstruction they are able to “pucker” or whistle in the recovery area.

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Face, Neck Lift and Liposuction
Many factors cause the skin to wrinkle and sag — exposure to the sun, genetics, bone loss as well as the natural aging process. Children and young adults have smooth, round faces due to fatty tissue that is evenly distributed throughout the contours of the face. As you age, fatty deposits accumulate and the skin and support structures sag and fit more loosely. These folds (rhytids) become prominent, especially around the chin, the jaw line and along the neck. Some fat deposits are resistant to exercise and diet, however these are generally very manageable with minimally invasive techniques.

Liposuction and Lipo-sculpting of the chin, neck and face can show dramatic improvements in contour irregularities when skin tone is good. A “lift” involves tightening of the facial and neck muscles as well as the removal of excess skin. Dr. Cullum performs these techniques to attain a more youthful appearance and correct any dysfunctional conditions. These procedures may be performed together or in conjunction with additional procedures as indicated.

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