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Oral Maxillofacial Testimonials

Dear Dr. Cullum,

We are so very grateful to have you in our life! We dread to think had you not been so thorough and professional, what the outcomes could have been.

Thank you so much for running with the ball and contacting our dentists.

We’ve always thought very highly of you and now you are our hero!
Alan & Beverly


Dear Dr. Cullum,
Fred and I just want to thank you for your kindness and empathy this last week. It really helped with the pain and emotional part of the surgery.

Thank you to your staff too.

Joanne & Fred

Hi Dr. Cullum,
First of all, I want you to know how well my mom is doing!

Next, I would like to recommend your care to an acquaintance of mine down here in Sacramento. He may contact you for some expert advice, hope that will be okay. I am telling him that you are “the best” and you are worth traveling up to Idaho to see.


Dear Dr. Dan,
I wish to thank you so much for taking the time to see me and to give me such great advice on what to do to improve my dental health. I want you to know how I deeply appreciate you for helping me.

In Christ’s Love,

Good Afternoon!

I wanted to write a testimonial and let you know how impressed I was with your staff and the entire process!

After my consultation, I was scared and I was dreading the Day. Everything went great and the staff was so friendly. I was also impressed that Dr. Cullum called me that afternoon to make sure I was feeling okay and checking in.

Thank you! You guys deserve a pat on the back…great team!

Dear Dr. Cullum,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all the care and concern that you have shown my son Matthew.

All your years of education experience and dedication, to the medical profession, have been executed to the fullest on Matt. As a result, he will carry a part of you forever. For this I thank you!

I have enclosed this picture for you to keep as a reminder of your wonderful work and as a memento of how your have touched our lives.

With deepest gratitude,

Thank you very much, Dr. Cullum and staff, for being a friend. The whole staff made me feel right at home.

Thanks for everything!

To Dr. Cullum and staff,

Thank you for your patience and kindness, and of course good job while I was there with my “tooth”.


Dr. Cullum and staff,

We would like to thank you all for the excellent care Marissa received. She always views each new experience as an adventure and this was no exception! With the medication you generously send home, she slept and seems to be recovering fine.

We also greatly appreciate the patient discount.

Our Sincere Thanks,

Dear Dr. Cullum,

Thank you so much for removing my pesky wisdom teeth. I had complete and total confidence in your abilities and that put me at ease. I hope I was not to ornery.

Thanks again!

Ever so gratfully yours,

Dear Dr. Cullum,

I would just like to thank you and your staff for the excellent job done with my wisdom tooth extraction. The words “oral surgery” terrified me, however, after meeting with you and your staff I became a little more comfortable with the idea! I was very impressed with your confidence and level of professionalism. It is clear that you have high standards and live up to them, unlike many in your profession. You came highly recommended and now I see why. Thank you all again for putting this big-baby at ease about the procedure and just being a world-class team!

Dear Dr. Cullum and staff,

Thank you for patience and perseverance. Your help in getting this insurance claim pain was wonderful. Without you, it would not have happened. Scott finished his first year of collage with excellent grades and this money will g for next year.

Thank you!

Dear Dr. Cullum,

You have my admiration for your professionalism, my respect for your integrity, and my gratitude for your free-loving spirit. Thank you for the very special gift you have of making humdrum routine light up with laughter. Thank you for your kindness to and patience with me.

I pray god’s blessing

Dear Dr. Cullum and your super staff,

Once again your biggest thank you goes out to you and your staff. You all have been so very kinds. Thank you Dr. Cullum for sharing your talent and skill. I also appreciated your personal touch you add. Thank you for giving both Erik and Leonel the very best of care. It will be my pleasure to recommend any and all folks your way

Thank you,
Chris and Dave

Thank you so much for you excellent care of Dave. Everyone was so courteous and kind. Dave greatly appreciated the prayer before surgery and his mom and dad even more! We enjoyed remembering Joe and Mona and what a delight they are. Thank you, again, for you kindness to us.

In Him,
Bill and Sue

Dear Dr. Cullum and staff,

I just wanted to say thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty by reassuring me and being so gentle, kind and patient. It really helped due to my high level of dental anxiety

Thank you again and God bless you all!

Thank you for a job well done! Your service was superb! Your practice is efficient, dedicated and thorough, delivered with beautiful smiles, thoughtfulness and intelligence (and darling uniforms too). All this adding to make my daughter’s experience a breeze!

Her first comment after surgery was, “that was coo.” You have my recommendation!


Thank you for helping me!


Dear Dr. Cullum and staff,

Thank you for your’ excellent care of Bri and her extraction of her 3rd molars.

I enjoyed being able to “watch and learn”.

It is nice to know that our patients (Dr. Rossi’s) are in such capable, professional hands.



To Dr. Cullum and staff

Thanks to all of you for taking such good care of me the other day when my tooth was extracted. I am healing and feeling great. I will certainly recommend you to family and friends.

God bless you.

Dr. Cullum and staff-

Thanks again! You are the greatest! I’m so glad Dr. Gervais referred me to your practice.

Enjoy some more Litehouse products on me!


Dear One and All,

I am writing to express my deep appreciation to all of you for the kindness you have extended to me and for the care you took of my son, Steven. Words cannot express adequately my gratitude to you Spring, for all the extra effort you made on our behalf. I want to thank you, Dr. Cullum, and the rest of your fine staff for treating me and Steven in such extraordinary fashion.

Very truly yours,

Dr. Cullum and staff-

I just wanted to thank you for all your care and concern you showed when I got my wisdom teeth pulled. I tried to be brave, but I think you knew and realized how terrified I was. You took it upon yourselves and did a great job.


Dear Dr. Cullum,

Thank you so much for doing a good job on my teeth! It really helped to have a very nice, friendly oral surgeon when I was soo nervous! I’m glad everything healed so well. Thank you and I’ll see you soon! (My little sister’s coming in soon to get something done)

Thank you so much!

With a big smile,


You saved my “golden” years though I was almost a “hopeless case” you treated me with state-of-the-art skill unending patience, and compassion. I had serious health problems, but you never belittled me because of my desire to look as good as possible (as I could). I sing your praises everywhere I go. You are the best! You’re fantastic!

My thanks and my love to you

Dear Dr. Cullum and staff,

We wanted to finally write and thank you for everything you and your wonderful staff did for Bill after his accident in October and the days that followed into January of this year.

We were so fortunate to have had you as the doctor on call that day in the emergency room after bill’s accident. Thanks to your amazing surgery, Bill has a minimal scar to look at today.

We are so grateful for you,
Bill and Carol

Dear Dr. Cullum and staff

This thank you card is way overdue, but it needed to be sent. Sorry about that. I just wanted to thank you for taking care of my jaw problem. I just had my braces taken off and everything looks fantastic. Thanks again, I really appreciate it. See you all over summer!


Dear Dr. Cullum,

I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of me! Your office staff is wonderful-they really made this experience so much better than expected. I appreciate your kindness and concern for me!

God bless!