Full Arch Reconstruction

"Teeth in a Day"TM

Image of A Full Arch Reconstruction


Full Arch Reconstruction is an innovative way to transform failing teeth to fixed, non-removable prosthesis placed on dental implants. Examination, often in the form of a CT scan and other assessments with planning software, help us develop a treatment plan specific to your needs. Sometimes, a second consult is helpful to review or finalize treatment plans after Dr. Cullum and your Restorative Dentist have discussed treatment options.


Once your treatment plan has been finalized, a prosthesis is fabricated by your referring dentist. At the time of surgery, Dr. Cullum will place implants and the fixed teeth will be inserted by your Prosthodontist or Restorative Dentist, usually in the same day. Follow-up appointments are necessary and a final, permanent bridge will be made within several months.