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Before: Single Dental Implant
After: Single Dental Implant

Single Dental Implant

Patient presented with the need for a single dental implant in the aesthetic zone of the mouth due to root failure. After the tooth was removed, a dental implant was placed. A dental implant provided the patient with a newfound confidence in their smile.

Fig. 21.2g DSCF0053 copy.png
Fig. 21.2s final EN DSCF0086 copy.png

Multiple Dental


Patient presented with the need for multiple dental implants in the aesthetic zone due to infection and a tooth breaking at the root. After the remaining roots of the broken tooth were removed, a dental implant was placed.

Fig. 21.8r aIMG_5887 copy.png
Fig. 21.8p IMG_6803 copy.png
Fig. 21.8o final intraoral buccal copy.p

Full Arch Reconstruction

Full Arch Reconstruction places four to six dental implants on either the mandible (lower jaw) and maxilla (upper jaw), or both. After the implants are placed, a restorative dentist will create a permanent denture that attaches to the dental implants, allowing for the patient to eat and function normally, as if they are real teeth. 

The patient presented had upper and lower full arch reconstruction. The x-ray show the six implants placed in the mandible and the eight implants placed in the maxilla. The other two photo show the final results of the full arch reconstruction.

Fig. 21.6q _MG_4714 copy.png
Fig. 21.6f IMG_6806 copy.png
Fig. 21.6b IMG_7896 copy.png

Full Arch Reconstruction

Fig. 21.3c AIMG_7007 copy.png
Fig. 21.3q IMG_4507 copy.png
Fig. 21.3g  IMG_4505 copy.png
Fig. 21.4g E_MG_7440 copy.png