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Ridge Expansion Coeur d’Alene

Published on October 11, 2018

When tooth loss is significant enough, it can cause the jawbone to recede, thus leading to an unnatural-looking indentation of the gums. When this occurs, it is often associated with unwanted signs of aging. Ridge expansion is an advanced dental procedure intended to correct and restore the natural look of your jawline.

In instances where teeth have not been replaced for a while, the jawbone and/or bony ridge atrophies and becomes very thin. Because implants must be surrounded by healthy bone, ridge expansion is often necessary to build up the existing bone to provide a good foundation for the dental implants.

Ridge expansion involves grafting bone to the existing ridge to provide the width of bone needed. This procedure is usually reserved only for more severe cases. Bone graft material will need to heal and mature for a few months before the implant is inserted. However, in some cases the implants can be placed at the time of ridge expansion. For more information regarding ridge expansion, contact Implants Northwest. Dr. Daniel Cullum’s office is located in Sandpoint, Idaho.