"I was referred to Dr. Cullum's office by my local dentist for two dental implants. The office staff are wonderful and always make me feel welcome.

Dr. Cullum is friendly, informative, and ready to answer my questions.

When I mentioned to friends and co-workers that I was going in for the implants, I was reassured by the many positive responses. Extremely happy with my experience! Thank you!"

-Google Reviews

"I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of me!

Your office staff is wonderful-they really made this experience so much better than expected.

I appreciate your kindness and concern for me!"


"Dr. Cullum is an excellent surgeon. His skill is matched by his experience resulting in a technically superior procedure.

What I enjoyed most was his ability to explain in as much detail as you ask for, what, why, and how he would treat your particular malady. His staff is equally as friendly and adept at answering questions I had after my surgery. This is just a Top Notch operation from start to finish. Thanks to all for the great care."

-Google Reviews

"You saved my “golden” years though I was almost a “hopeless case”

you treated me with state-of-the-art skill unending patience, and compassion.

I had serious health problems, but you never belittled me because of my desire to look as good as possible (as I could). I sing your praises everywhere I go. You are the best! You’re fantastic!"


"We are lucky to have Doctor Cullum in our community.

Do a little research and you will find he is a national leader in the field of oral surgery. I had two bone grafts and implants done this past year and I'm happy with the results. Doctor Cullum approached my dental issues like I was his only patient. he took the time required to answer all my questions. He didn't rush the procedures either, giving my bone grafts time to heal and provide the best foundation to secure my new implants and crowns. The results are perfect! Don't go anywhere else, why would you when we have the best right here in town."

-Google Reviews

"Dr. Cullum and his whole team recently extracted deeply impacted wisdom teeth for my daughter Amanda. They were so professional so the surgery went so well and was very quick; which I understand makes recovery easier.

I am so impressed by their skills, equally impressed and a bit surprised by their level of compassion.

They all (including their anesthesiologist) came to the recovery room afterward and introduced themselves. They told me how wonderful and good natured my daughter was throughout the whole procedure, and I felt at ease ( I feel like they connect with the person that is being treated). They were so nice and genuinely caring. We both felt like they were attentive and truly cared about her and her recovery. We got a personal call from Dr. Cullum that evening to check on Amanda. I would highly recommend their team to anyone."

-Google Reviews

"Thanks to all of you for taking such good care of me the other day when my tooth was extracted.

I am healing and feeling great. I will certainly recommend you to family and friends."